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Love Marriage: -

Love Marriage in India

If a marriage is settled through family members is called arranged marriage, but if it is settled through love it is called love marriage. Love marriage may be termed as coordinative between love and marriage. In the old book of Vedic-rituals Grihyasutra love marriage is declared the best type of marriage among the light types of marriage, describe in our ancient books, of sociology.

Marriage consultant provides free Consultation about the Love marriages which can be any type like intercast, Inter religion or NRI .The marriages are arranged with certificates in all religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian as per the respective Rites and ceremonies.

Legal requirement:

  • Legal Age of the Girl is 18 years and of the boy is 21 years for getting married as per the constitution on India.
  • Age proof as matric certificate, voter card, driving license, Adhar card, passport, pan card or birth certificates.
  • Two witness with Id proof.
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